Office PROFOR Andrew Formowicz finished its economic activity in November 2019.
I want to thank all Investors, Tradesman of devices and Assembly firms for cooperation over the years.
As a designer and expert I continue the activity within office D7Project (,
however contact data to me did not undergo change. 

Best regards, - Andrew Formowicz

The Electrical Power Engineering Design Office PROFOR is existing since January 1st 1992 i.e. from the outset of economic revival in Poland which rendered the development of private enterprises possible.

We have huge, over thirty years' experience in designing and accomplishment of the power engineering objects gained in Poland as well as abroad during employment in ZPBE "Energopomiar" or Power Engineering Study and Design Office "Energoprojekt".

We offer a very wide range of services; from the technical consulting and expertise, by working out the technical designs or documentation, as well as performance of services including author's and investor's supervision of investment implementation.

During performing of the services we are co-operating with academic staff from the Technical Universities of Lublin, Warsaw or Gliwice.

We perform more complicated or larger technical designs in co-operation with friendly offices. We assure the supervision as well as co-ordination in performing of such services.

We are in possession of all the required qualifications of the electrical branch like:

  • building expert (surveyor)
  • expert of the Polish Electrician Association (SEP) regarding the electricity works and heat and power generating plants
  • constructional in designing, supervision and performing of electrical works with no limitations
  • verifying - measuring E and D up to 400 kV in a wide range /issued by SEP/

By affiliation to the Polish Chamber of Civil Engineers (Slask Branch) we are insured of the civil liability (OC) at the insurance company.

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