We would like to offer you many years' experience in designing and accomplishment of the new power plants as well as in modernisation of the existing power engineering objects. The experience of PROFOR Co. in electrical power engineering allows to define the Client's needs and to submit the optimum solution considering its technical, functional and economical aspect.

The scope of our services is covering all of the aspects related to the electrical power engineering, i.e.:

  • designing of power feeding systems
  • designing of power out-put systems
  • designing of excitation systems and generator voltage control systems
  • protection systems for transformers, generators, motors and distribution feeders
  • automatic frequency control systems
  • switchgears in range from 0,4 kV up to 110 kV
  • DC supply systems in range from 24 V up to 220 V
  • control, signalling, measuring and protection systems in conventional and modern PLC solutions
  • compensation of reactive power
  • lighting installations - indoor and outdoor
  • earthing installations and electric shock protection
  • lightning protections
  • arrangement of power and signalling cables.

We are authorised to:

  • designing and executing of electrical installation,
  • designing of electrical installation and equipment,
  • acting as experts of the Association of Polish Electrical Engineers,
  • acting as experts of the Association of Polish Building Engineers.

We also offer the services in following scope:

  • new Electrical Power Station influence expertises for Polish transmission and distribution systems,
  • conception of the new or of the modernised electrical installations,
  • technical advise,
  • directing and co-ordination of electrical works.

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